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About Dr. Erb’s Practice on “This is L.A.”

Recently I was asked to take part in an interview on “This is L.A.” The full interview is now showing on YouTube after airing on TV in October 2019.

All Women OR Team

Be introduced to one of Dr. Erb’s all women OR teams.

Gowning in the OR

See how a surgeon prepares for surgery when gown up.

Filler Injection Demonstration

Filler helps with wrinkles and volume loss. It can be injected with a needle, which is sharp, or a Cannula, which has a rounded tip. Injecting filler with a cannula has less chances of bruising. I use both Cannulas and needles depending on the individual patient wants addressed on their face.

Softening Crow’s Feet

This beautiful patient is getting botox to soften her crow’s feet, the lines that crinkle at the out corner of the eyes when she smiles. Many 20 and 30 year olds are starting botox early, to prevent the wrinkles from forming.

Botox® to the Neck

Botox® to the neck can make the two vertical bands that hang below the chin and in front of the neck become softer or even disappear.

Bunny Lines Botox® Procedure

I am grateful to Gina, who works in my office, for modelling this procedure.

Dr. Erb and Botox®

When I inject myself with Botox® I like to take a video to show just how painless it is. Since, I, myself, have a low threshold for pain, this video shows how easy it can be for anyone. Thanks for watching!

Fraxel Laser Treatment

Laser Skin rejuvenation is a procedure specially designed to dramatically soften, reduce, and very often erase the superficial lines, wrinkles, and aging brown spots.

Thinning eye muscle with Botox®

This beautiful patient does not like the big thickening of the muscle roll under her eyes when she smiles. Botox® into that muscle makes the roll less thick and repeated Botox® injections can permanently slim down the big thick muscle.

Dr. Erb creates informative videos to demonstrate the wide range of procedures she offers in her practice. See how comfortable and stress free the patients are during the procedure. Some of the videos contain graphic images of surgical procedures. Please take care to show these videos only where it is appropriate. If you are interested in all of Dr. Erb’s work, Subscribe to her YouTube page which is updated regularly with new videos. All patients shown in the videos have given their permission for use on Dr. Erb’s professional site. These are meant as professional demonstration videos only.

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