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Your eyebrows are another very expressive facial feature which communicates your feelings to the other people around you. Over time, your eyebrows may descend due to gravity. If you have eyebrow droop (brow ptosis), it may give others the impression that you are angry or sad, even when you are not.

Brow ptosis can make it seem like you have extra skin in your upper eyelids. Thus, you may think that you need upper eyelid blepharoplasty when you actually need a brow lift. A brow lift brightens up the eyes and can help you look more relaxed, happy, and open. It also improves the lines and creases on your forehead and your nose.

My philosophy is to create a natural look. I avoid the surprised look. After your surgery heals, I want your friends and family to think that you are in a relaxed and happy mood.

If a brow lift /forehead lift is something you are interested in discussing in further detail, please contact my office and schedule a consultation to discuss your particular situation.

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