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Know About Your Surgical Procedure

Your procedure will take place either in Dr. Erb’s office, in a surgery center or in a hospital, whichever is more comfortable for you. Together, you and Dr. Erb will decide which location best suits your needs.

Office Surgical Procedure

Most procedures can be done in the comfort of Dr. Erb’s office procedure room. And as for any surgical procedure there are some instructions that Dr. Erb would like you to follow before arriving. She will discuss those with you and give you a paper copy when you schedule your surgical appointment. They are also provided here for your convenience.

During your Office Surgical Procedure

Dr. Erb’s Priorities are:

You feel comfortable and pain-free during your procedure.

You and Dr. Erb are on the same page for what you want and your procedure.

What to expect on the day of your procedure at the office:

  1. You will be warmly greeted by our office staff
  2. Dr. Erb will re-examine you
  3. You and Dr. Erb will reconfirm what you want so that you are both on the same page
  4. We will give you a relaxing pill (Xanax or Ativan) at the office.
  5. Dr. Erb will put numbing drops on your eyes, numbing cream on the skin, and inject the skin with numbing medicine.
  6. After the are is thoroughly numb, we will start the procedure. You should not feel any pain and many of our patients actually fall asleep.
  7. We will take good care of you!

Surgery Center or Hospital Surgical Procedure

Sometimes it will be necessary or desired to conduct your procedure in an hospital or surgery center. As always, please follow the instructions to prepare for your procedure to ensure the best possible outcome and a great recovery!

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